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3 Ways to Make a Positive Impact at Work

As an Ambassador for Christ in the marketplace, making a positive impact on colleagues, company culture, and customers is important. In the daily bustle of emails, meetings, and projects, impacting those around you seems intangible and hard to prioritize. Where should you start, and what can you do?

Try these tangible actions:

1. Look for Ways to Serve

Focusing on others provides a great way to create a positive impact around you at work. Look for opportunities to serve – both big and small – your colleagues, supervisors, and customers.

  • Send an encouraging email to a team member
  • Bring coffee or bagels as a morning treat for your office mates
  • Smile – this simple act will brighten your mood and the mood of those around you
  • Quickly tidy up the office kitchen or conference room if you notice clutter

Serve spontaneously if you’d like or set a reminder on your phone or calendar if you prefer to add service into the normal routine of the workday. As you develop a mindset of service, you’ll notice opportunities to make an impact at work!

2. Pray for Others

As a Christian, you can make an impact on your colleagues by praying for them and sharing that you do so when the environment is right. There are many ways to pray for the people you work with and for opportunities to connect with them. During your private prayer time, pray for:

  • Each of your team members
  • Specific team projects
  • Opportunities to share the love of Christ with those around you at work
  • Requests and circumstances shared with you by colleagues

Use wisdom in sharing that you are praying for someone; only you know what is acceptable in your workplace regarding conversations about faith. Regardless of the attitude towards topics of faith, make a note to pray for those you hear about facing difficult situations… and follow through.

3. Strengthen Your Personal Relationship with God

You have a better influence on those around you when your relationship with God is strong. Make it a priority to read the Bible and pray about your life, work, and relationships. The more you let the Word of God influence your day, the more you will see ways to impact your colleagues, company culture, and customers.

  • Do you struggle with finding time to read the Bible daily?
  • Are you unsure of what to read once you’ve sat down and opened the book?
  • Does what you read seem unrelated to your life?

Ambassadors for Business has a resource designed with you in mind: the AFB Bible App!

This spiritual growth tool prompts you to fill out a spiritual assessment when you download the app from the App Store or Google Play. The assessment results prompt the app the send you Scripture verses related to areas of your spiritual growth you need the most guidance in. You will receive a few to a dozen messages throughout the day depending on your preferred settings.

The resource is provided to you for FREE by Ambassadors for Business; download the app and start engaging with Scripture today!

Make an Impact!

Use these actionable ideas to make a positive impact on those around you at work today or this week. Make service, prayer, and personal spiritual growth a priority and watch how God uses you to influence your place of work.