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Cultivating Intentional Leadership

Intentional, effective leadership starts with you. Your assessment of where you lead, who you lead, and how you lead plays a critical role in leading with intentionality.

Do you want to be more intentional as a leader? Use the following steps (and this worksheet) to get started.

First: Identify Where You Lead

Action Step: Make a list of the places you lead in and the people you lead.

How you lead will change depending on the place you are leading in. Which of the following areas do you have a leadership role – large or small – in?

  • Family
  • Church, small groups and/or bible studies
  • Work teams
  • Company departments
  • Executive teams
  • Start-up companies and organizations

Over the course of a week or month you may find yourself in just a few of the above roles or you may be in many of them. Write down words or phrases that capture what intentional leadership looks like in each of your roles.

Second: Evaluate Your Leadership

Action Step: Make a list of characteristics about your leadership style that come to mind.

Once you know where you lead throughout the week and month, step back and reflect on your leadership style. Think through:

  • The type of leader you currently are and the type of leader you want to become
  • Feedback you’ve received about your leadership in the past
  • Thoughts from a trusted mentor
  • The kind of example you are setting for young leaders in your sphere of influence

Third: Chart Your Course

Action Step: Identify tangible ways to be more intentional as a leader.

Identifying where you lead, and your current leadership style may suggest adjustments you’d like to make. Write these thoughts down and start outlining a personal leadership development plan. Make your plan as brief or in-depth as you like depending on your preferences.

Regardless of how you lay it out, a written plan – handwritten, on your computer, a note on your smart phone – gives direction as you build intentionality into your leadership at home, at church, and at work.

Let Us Help You Be An Intentional Leader

Ambassadors for Business exists to help maximize your influence as a leader. Thrive Leadership with Purpose events equip you as a leader through training from local leadership experts.

We are blessed to have high-caliber leadership speakers generously share their knowledge with us each month. The topics range from leadership to personal growth, business development to productivity, spiritual growth to health and wellness, and more!

Thrive events also provide consistent opportunities to fellowship and network with business professionals of like mind and spirit. As you attend these events, you’ll build a community that supports and encourages you to lead with more intention in all your spheres of influence.