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Creating Meaningful Community

Meaningful community provides a place where like minded individuals grow together and strengthen each other. This kind of community is valuable to individuals who are seeking a supportive environment that shares their faith values and equips them to make an impact in the marketplace.

Why We Create Meaningful Community

Faith values often feel disconnected from the self-centered values of the marketplace. We often see Christians in business from all walks of life seeking a community to support them as they connect their faith values with their work. These business professionals want a space and a community that welcomes them and encourages growth in all areas of their life.

Does this resonate with you?

How To Create Meaningful Community

At Ambassadors for Business we value creating community through fellowship with business professionals of like mind and spirit and through opportunities for growth.

The following resources and services allow you to become a part of a meaningful community. We want to come alongside you and help you grow in all areas of your life.

Thrive Events: Discover growth in all areas of your life through the leadership and personal development training at Thrive events. Connect your faith values with your work as you fellowship with like minded business professionals! Find a location near you on our Thrive events calendar.

Membership: Our members receive perks designed to help you share your business easily searchable directory listing. We also curate and provide resources and tools to equip you personal, spiritual, and professional growth! Learn more about our membership benefits.

Resources Library: Are you looking for ways to grow in your personal, spiritual, and professional life? Find an additional spark in your growth endeavors with tools you can access regularly at home and recommended books, courses, materials, and media. Search the resources library.

The Thrive! Podcast: Join host Bob Willbanks, president of Ambassadors for Business, as he shares lessons from his faith journey, life experiences, and career. Maximize your influence by learning how to integrate faith into your work as Bob interviews guests that model the Christian Worldview. Listen to the latest episodes on the podcast website!

Start Creating Meaningful Community

Engage with your faith and connect your faith values with your work in a meaningful way today! We encourage you to explore the resources above and consider joining us at a Thrive! event. Be part of a community that builds your connections with others, supports you, and provides tools for growth in all areas of your life. As you connect with this like minded community, you will contribute your unique strengths and perspectives as well. We welcome you!

Join Ambassadors for Business.