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Imagine you are thrown into a den of lions with no weapons. Hope of escape or rescue fades as the entrance is sealed behind you. What could you have done to deserve this punishment?

The biblical character Daniel faced this very punishment for his commitment to follow the law of God. This law required prayer three times per day without fail.

Although he lived as an exile under the Babylonian empire, Daniel stayed loyal to his Jewish heritage.

As a boy, Daniel was taken from Israel by the Babylonian’s. While he lived in Babylon, he was chosen to serve king Darius as one of the high officials.

Being in close proximity to Babylonian royalty provided opportunities to proclaim the one true God. It also came with great testing of Daniel’s commitment to his faith.

Daniel quickly distinguished himself among the other officials. They looked for accusations to make against Daniel to appease their jealousy of him. When they were unable to find any accusations, they noticed that Daniel observed God’s law which required prayer three times each day.

Death by lion’s den was the fate the jealous officials chose for Daniel. They convinced King Darius to ban prayer to anyone other than himself for thirty days. The decree was irrevocable according to the law of the land.

How did Daniel respond to this decree?

He made a courageous commitment to continue seeking God through prayer three times each day.

Daniel doesn’t raise a fuss, nor does he flaunt his decision to continue praying to God. Instead, he quietly continues to pray and leaves the outcome to God.

“Now when Daniel learned that the decree had been published, he went home to his upstairs room where the windows opened toward Jerusalem. Three times a day he got down on his knees and prayed, giving thanks to his God, just as he had done before.”

Daniel 6:10 NIV

The officials came to his house while he was praying one day, and had him taken to the lion’s den. God protected Daniel by closing the mouths of the lions. The next day the king ordered him to be taken out. Amazed at God’s protection of Daniel, the king issued a decree (Daniel 6:25-27) that all the people tremble before the God of Daniel.

Daniel’s commitment to the law of God caused the entire region to hear about the God of Israel.

Daniel is one of many characters in the Bible who demonstrate their faith through quiet trust in the word of God.

Daniel didn’t conquer his circumstances by wielding a sword or fighting back. Instead he trusted God to bring about the victory.

Prayer is a weapon to wield against all adversaries that come against you.

How impactful would your prayer life be if you took it as seriously as Daniel did?

For Daniel, prayer was non-negotiable. The impact this had on his life is measurable – just read the book of Daniel to see all God did through him!

Today, cultivate a commitment to prayer in your own life. Pray as if you are in a den of lions about the battles you are facing. God hears and He will be victorious for you.

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